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New Book added to the Library

The essentials of instructional design: connecting fundamental principles with process and practice.

3rd edition.


Brown, Abbie H. and Green, Timothy D.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 978-1-138-79707-9

Acc. No.: 74898      Call No.: 371.3 B877


Book Description: The Essentials of Instructional Design, 3rd Edition introduces the essential elements of instructional design (ID) to students who are new to ID. The key procedures within the ID process―learner analysis, task analysis, needs analysis, developing goals and objectives, organizing instruction, developing instructional activities, assessing learner achievement and evaluating the success of the instructional design―are covered in complete chapters that describe and provide examples of how the procedure is accomplished using the best known instructional design models.

New Books added to the Library

Sl. No.



1 Abbie H. Brown and Timothy D. Green The Essentials of instructional design: connecting fundamental principles with process and practice. 3rd edition.
2 Carl Thompson Travel writing
3 Dian lea. ed. Oxford learner’s dictionary of academic English
4 Gurdeep Raj Photo chemistry
5 H. S. Bhatia and P. S. Bhatia Spoken and communicative English: dialogues and grammatical patterns
6 J. P. Lantolf and S. L. Thorne Sociocultural theory and the genesis of second language development
7 Jolene Gear and Robert Gear Cambridge preparation for the TOEFL test. 4th edition.
8 Melanie Birks and Jane Mills Grounded theory: a practical guide. 2nd edition.
9 Monika Fludernik An introduction to narratology
10 Paul Barron Games, ideas and activities outside the primary classroom
11 Peter Womack Dialogue
12 R. L. Madan and G. D. Tuli Inorganic chemistry
13 Roy Blatchford The 2012 teachers’ standards in the classroom
14 S. Balasubramanian Soft skills for interpersonal communication
15 Saikat Majumdar Prose of the world: modernism and the banality of empire
16 Vandana Saxena. ed. Contemporary trends in education: a handbook for educators

New Book added to the Library

King Lear: a parallel text edition. 2nd. ed.


 Weis, Rene (ed.)

Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 978-1-4082-0412-2

Acc. No.: 74337          Call No.: 822.33 T3-4 W426

Book Description: King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s most widely studied tragedies. However, since the late 1970s textual scholars, critics and editors have argued that there is no single ‘King Lear’ text. Anyone studying the play needs to be aware of two different texts, one based on the quarto of 1608, The History of King Lear, and a revised version published in the first folio of 1623, The Tragedy of King Lear. This edition offers a fully annotated, modern spelling version of the texts set side by side, identifying and elucidating the major discrepancies between the two. It presents some possible reasons for the differences between the two texts, which themselves shed light on a number of issues relating to literary transmission in the Renaissance and give an insight into the nature of performance and censorship.

New Book added to the Library

Organic chemistry


 Madan, R. L.

Publisher: S. Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 978-81-219-2050-6

Acc. No.: 74675          Call No.: 547 M178

S.Chand Success Guides Organic Chemistry, 3/e

Book Description: Overwhelming response to previous editions and reprints has encouraged me to prepare this third revised edition of the book. I hope the book in the present from will be found even more useful to the student. A book in the question-answer form has its own advantages. It guides the students about the type of questions that are expected and how to answer them appropriately. It instils a sense of confidence in the students and helps them get maximum score.

New Book added to the Library

Bioorganic, bioinorganic and supramolecular chemistry


Kalsi, P. S. and Kalsi, J. P.

Publisher: New Age International Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-224-3069-1

Acc. No.: 74659    Call No.: 547.1226 K14


Book Description: Bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry are two leading disciplines at the interface of chemistry and biology. Now there is an increasing number of both chemists and biochemists who are studying simple synthetic molecules as models of enzymes. Molecular recognition is an important concept on which these research efforts are based. Supramolecular chemistry based on noncovalent intermolecular forces has provided most important innovations in organic, inorganic and biochemistry in the recent past. The award of nobel prize in chemistry for 1987 to d.j. Cram, j.m. Lehn and c.j. Pedersen reflects the importance of topics mentioned above. Keeping the significance of these areas in mind ugc has introduced these topics in the model curricula for indian universities at the postgraduate level. This edition is meant to serve as a teaching book which is a blend of major and more important concepts of bioorganic, bioinorganic and supramolecular chemistry. The book is carefully designed to cover topics of the ugc model curricula providing up-to-date information with the following features: basic principles from across the chemistry are added. Most of the background knowledge is accessible to students without a need to go back to texts on chemistry/biochemistry.

New Book added to the Library

The ugliness of the Indian male and other propositions


 Kesavan, Mukul

Publisher: Permanent Black

ISBN: 978-8-817-82452-1

Acc. No.: 74131 Call No.: 305.31 K42

Ugliness Of The Indian Male And Other Proposi: Mukul Kesavan

Book Description: Every English-speaking Indian man between twenty-five and sixty has written about the Hindi movies he has seen, the English books he has read, the foreign places he has travelled to, and the curse of communalism?, says Mukul Kesavan. Like many of the insightful comments for which his historically informed and provocative journalism has become so widely admired, this deliberately large statement may even be true. What is certainly true is that Kesavan?s hugely entertaining writings on these subjects crackle with cerebral wit, sparky phrases, and memorable lines like no one else?s. A historian by profession, Kesavan is distinct from his tribe because his prose ploughs a lonely furrow: it is always accessible, jargon-shunning, aphoristic, and uncommonly elegant. The present collection of his essays is a distillation of his thoughts?outrageously funny, profoundly cosmopolitan, and devotedly ?pseudo-secular? all at once?on some of the central concerns of our time. ?Some years ago I was struck by the contrast between the beauty of Hindi film heroines and the ugliness of Hindi film heroes. After researching the matter I concluded that the explanation was straightforward: leading men in Hindi films were ugly because they were Indian men and Indian men were measurably uglier than Indian women .

New Book added to the Library

Techniques and resources in teaching grammar


Marianne Celce-Murcia and Sharon Hilles

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-434191-2

Acc. No.: 74321            Call No.: 428.007 C392

9780194341912: Techniques and Resources in Teaching Grammar (Teaching Techniques in English As a Second Language)

Book Description: This book is for teachers who are asking whether, when, and how to teach grammar. It addresses general questions of grammar in ESL theory and classroom practice. Ideas for teaching grammar creatively are suggested, including specific suggestions for most beginning-level structures.

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