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New Book added to the Library



Christopher Tribble

Publisher:Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-437141-4

Acc. No.: 74320         Call No.: 808.02 T819


Book Description: Writing provides an introduction to both traditional and more recent approaches to the teaching of this skill, and shows how current teaching materials put these approaches into practice. The reader is encouraged to think about the reasons for teaching writing, and to see how many different types of writing – factual or creative, public or personal, business or academic – can be brought into the language classroom.

New Book added to the Library

Technology enhanced language learning: connecting theory and practice


Aisha Walker and Goodith White

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-442368-7

Acc. No.: 73861       Call No.: 418.00285 W177


Book Description: This highly-readable book brings together theory and practice, giving you a better understanding of why and how technology can enhance language learning. It helps you become more familiar with technology tools you can use in class, and gives you a better understanding of how to use them for language learning. Practical tasks help you reflect on their use.




New Books added to the Library

Sl. No.



1 Aisha Walker and Goodith White Technology enhanced language learning: connecting theory and practice
2 Christopher Tribble Writing
3 Elaine Hallet The reflective early years practitioner
4 G. N. Devy People’s linguistic survey of India: Indian sign languages
5 Gill Plain and Susan Sellers.  eds. A History of feminist literary criticism
6 J. Sethi and P. V. Dhamija A course in phonetics and spoken English. 2nd edition.
7 Jim Scrivener Oxford basics teaching grammar
8 Mary Floyd-Wilson Occult knowledge, science, and gender on the Shakespearean stage
9 N Krishnaswamy and Lalitha Krishnaswamy Teaching English: approaches, methods, and techniques
10 Rita Copeland and Peter T. Struck. Eds. The Cambridge companion to allegory
11 Sandra Lee Mckay Teaching English as an international language: rethinking goals and approaches
12 Sylee Gore and David Gordon Smith English for socializing


Tricia Hedge Teaching and learning in the language classroom
14 Virginia French Allen Techniques in teaching vocabulary
15 Warren Chernaik The Myth of rome in Shakespeare and his contemporaries
16 Yajnaseni Das, Romila Saha, and Shreya Chowdhury. Eds. Step by step: learning language and life skills teacher’s manual. 2nd edition.

New Book added to the Library

Quantum chemistry. 4th edition.


R. K. Prasad

Publisher: New Age International Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-224-2408-9

Acc. No.: 74689             Call No.: 541.28 P911.1


Book Description: The fourth edition of Quantum Chemistry is an updated textbook on the subject covering the model syllabus of various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The book contains the basics of quantum mechanics and quantum mechanical laws; applications of translational, vibrational and rotational motions of sub-atomic particles; theories of harmonic oscillator and atomic structure etc. The Hartree Fock self-consistent field methods, configuration, interaction, extended Hückel theory etc. are all presented with utmost clarity and examples.

The present edition contains a chapter on matrix-vector methods of quantum mechanics as well as one on density functional theory along with molecular symmetry and group theory with applications to molecular orbital treatment. Steps involved in mathematical derivations are presented in full, leaving no ambiguity. Illustrative examples and practice problems, with hints are provided in each chapter.


New Book added to the Library

Enchanted aeolian harps: readings in romanticism


Karunakaran B Shaji

Publisher: Bahir Publications 

ISBN: 978-81-303771-8-0

Acc. No.: 72917          Call No.: 820.09 Sh524


Book Description: This book is an attempt at understanding English Romanticism in its socio-cultural and historical milieu, the themes and ideologies that shaped the leitmotifs of one of the most spectacular and creative periods in English literature which tended to be iconoclastic and revolutionary in many respects. The seamless synergies of Romanticism wrought havoc to age-old traditions and habituated wary of literary scholarship, bringing about the irrevocable transformation of British society and its perceptions of literature. The book examines those factors that contributed immensely to the Romantic ideal.

New Book added to the Library



Peter Grundy 

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-437192-6

Acc. No.: 74318     Call No.: 428.6 G889


Book Description: The activities include ways of exploiting newspapers both for their language and their cultural content. The majority of activities need little teacher preparation time. A useful appendix provides a guide to the availability of English-language newspapers worldwide.


New Book added to the Library

Success in English teaching 


Paul Davies and Eric Pearse

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-442171-3

Acc. No.: 74313         Call No.: 428.071 D255


Book Description: A comprehensive and readable introduction to teaching English. Clear and jargon-free, it is easy to follow and suitable for initial teacher training, but also provides guidance and fresh ideas for more experienced teachers. It offers realistic ways of achieving success even with large classes and few resources.

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