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New Book added to the Library

An introduction to literature, criticism and theory.

4th edition.


Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 978-1-4058-5914-1

Acc. No.: 74339          Call No.: 801.95 B471


Book Description: An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory is the essential guide to literary studies.Starting at ‘the beginning’ and concluding with ‘the end’, the book covers topics that range from the familiar (character, narrative, the author) to the more unusual (secrets, pleasure, ghosts). Eschewing abstract isms, Bennett and Royle successfully illuminate complex ideas by engaging directly with literary works – so that a reading of Jane Eyre opens up ways of thinking about racial difference, whilst Chaucer, Raymond Chandler and Monty Python are all invoked in a discussion of literary laughter. Each chapter ends with a narrative guide to further reading and the book also includes a glossary and bibliography. The fourth edition has been revised to incorporate two timely new chapters on animals and the environment.

New Book added to the Library

What is geography?


Alastair Bonnett

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISNB: 978-1-4129-1869-5

Acc.No.: 73025             Call No. 910 B717


Book Description: What is Geography? Geography is a fundamental fascination with, and a crucial method for, understanding the way the world works.This text offers readers a short and highly accessible account of the ideas and concepts constituting geography. Drawing out the key themes that define the subject, What is Geography? demonstrates how and why these themes – like environment and geopolitics- are of fundamental importance.

Including discussion of both the human and the natural realms, the text looks at key themes like environment, space, and place – as well as geography’s methods and the history of the discipline. Introductory but not simplified, What is Geography? will provide students with the ability to understand the history and context of the subject without any prior knowledge. Designed as a key transitional text for students entering undergraduate courses, this book will be of interest to all readers interested in and intrigued by the “geographical imagination”.

New Books added to the Library




1 Alastair Bonnett What is geography?
2 Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle An Introduction to literature, criticism and theory. 4th edition.
3 Carolin Duttlinger The Cambridge introduction to Franz Kafka
4 Clare Kosnik and Clive Beck Teaching in a nutshell: navigating your teacher education program as a student teacher
5 Denis Hayes Developing advanced primary teaching skills
6 Grant Taylor English conversation practice
7 H. G. Widdowson Defining issues in English language teaching
8 John eds. Language in the law
9 John Morgan and Mario Rinvolucri Vocabulary. 2nd edition.
10 Karunakaran B Shaji Enchanted Aeolian Harps: readings in romanticism
11 Michelle Pacansky-Brock Best practices for teaching with emerging technologies
12 Mohan G. Ramanan Modern English poetry: a selection
13 Noam Chomsky The Architecture of Language
14 Paul Davies Success in English teaching
15 Peter Grundy Newspapers
16 R. K. Prasad Quantum chemistry. 4th revised edition

New Book added to the Library

Comprehensive practical organic chemistry: qualitative analysis


V. K. Ahluwalia and Sunita Dhingra

Publisher: University Press India Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-7371-428-3

Acc. No.: 74664       Call No.: 543.1 A285


Book Description: This manual for practical qualitative analysis covers the use of spectroscopic methods for identification of various functional groups. Comprehensive tables giving methods for the systematic identification of pure specimens, separation of mixtures and compounds and procedures for preparation of derivatives are some of the salient features of the book.

New Book added to the Library

The Norton Anthology of English Literature

9th edition. Vol. E


Stephen Greenblatt. ed.

Publisher: W. W. Norton and Company

ISBN: 978-0-393-91253-1

Acc. No.: 73846    Call No.: 820.8 G795


Book Description: The Ninth Edition offers more complete works and more teachable groupings than ever before, the apparatus you trust, read by more than 8 million students, The Norton Anthology of English Literature sets the standard and remains an unmatched value.

New Book added to the Library

Word, image, text: studies in literary and visual culture


Shormishtha Panja..… eds.

Publisher: Orient Blackswan Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 9788125037354

Acc. No.: 74152         Call No.: 809.93357  P187


Book Description: This collection of essays on the conceptualisation and representation of nature and time and their interrelationship in literature and the visual arts is written by scholars both from western academia and India, scholars who are established experts in their field as well as young critics making an early foray in the world of scholarly research. In addition, there is an essay by a practising artist meditating on nature and time through self-portraits. The contributors come from a wide variety of locations: India, Australia, Norway, Spain and the United States of America.

New Book added to the Library

English language and communication skills 


Sanjay Kumar and Pushp Lata

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Acc. No.: 74309            Call No.: 428.014 K95


Book Description: Effective communication skills are integral to both personal and professional lives. English Language and Communication Skills aims at developing the varied usage of such skills in real-life as well as professional situations. The book is divided into four sections. The first acquaints the reader with phonetics, introducing the basics of sounds, syllables, transcription, word stress, and intonation: the second helps students learn and revise the essentials and usage of English grammar; the third presents a detailed overview on vocabulary; and the fourth section discusses professional skills focusing on the fundamentals of communication, group discussions, and job interviews.

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