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New Book added to the Library

Social Psychology


Husain, Akbar (ed.)

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Acc. No.: 74381 Call No.: 302 H968


Book description: This textbook lays down the fundamental concepts of social psychology outlining the origin, evolution, common social perceptions and influences. It tries to understand how social interaction effects, influences and guides social behaviour. This book tries to pull psychology out of the classroom and relates it to day-to-day lives to make the learning easy and interesting.

New Book added to the Library

Shakespeare survey 66


Hplland, Peter (ed.)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Acc. No.: 73282 Call No.: 822.33 Sh527


Book descreption:Shakespeare Survey is a yearbook of Shakespeare studies and production. Since 1948, the Survey has published the best international scholarship in English and many of its essays have become classics of Shakespeare criticism. Each volume is devoted to a theme, or play, or group of plays; each also contains a section of reviews of that year’s textual and critical studies and of the year’s major British performances. The theme for Volume 66 is ‘Working with Shakespeare’, and Tiffany Stern’s essay has been selected by the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society for its Barbara Palmer/Martin Stevens award for best new essay in early drama studies, 2014.

New Book added to the Library

The Cambridge companion to old english literature


Godden, Malcolm and Lapidge, Michael (eds.)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Acc. No.: 73267 Call No.: 829.09 G578


Book description: This Companion has been thoroughly revised to take account of recent scholarship and to provide a clear and accessible introduction for those encountering Old English literature for the first time. Including seventeen essays by distinguished scholars, this new edition provides a discussion of the literature of the period 600 to 1066 in the context of how Anglo-Saxon society functioned. New chapters cover topics including preaching and teaching, Beowulf and literacy, and a further five chapters have been revised and updated, including those on the Old English language, perceptions of eternity and Anglo-Saxon learning. An additional concluding chapter on Old English after 1066 offers an overview of the study and cultural influences of Old English literature to the present day. Finally, the further reading list has been overhauled to incorporate the most up-to-date scholarship in the field and the latest electronic resources for students.

New Book Added to the Library

Educational leadership and technology: preparing school administrators for a digital age


Garland, Virginia E. And Tadeja, Chester

Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Franicis Group


Acc. No.: 74352 Call No.: 371.2 G233


Book description: Providing models of exemplary use and the latest research,Educational Leadership and Technology reveals the transformational power of emerging technologies to improve student learning, and explores how leaders can bring about this technology integration. This book provides an overview of roles and strategies expected of effective school leaders, as well as some of the complex issues they face. Authors Garland and Tadeja offer a critical analysis of today’s emerging technology, while also addressing the need for collaborative efforts of parents, community, and students to implement technologies effectively.

New Book added to the Library

History of India 600-1500


Farooqui, Salma Ahmed

Publisher: Pearson Education


Acc. No.: 74383 Call No.: 954.02 F111

History of India-600-1500.cdr

Book description:History of India (600-1500) is mapped to the syllabi of various universities of West Bengal and is therefore designed for undergraduate students of history in West Bengal. It is also a useful textbook for civil service aspirants.

New Book added to the Library

Beckett and animals


Bryden, Mary (ed.)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Acc. No.: 73394 Call No.: 848.91409 B915


Book description: The animals that appear in Samuel Beckett’s work are diverse and unpredictable. They serve as victim and persecutor, companion and adversary, disconcerting observers and objects oblivious to the human gaze. Bringing together an international array of Beckett specialists, this is the first full-length study to explore the significance of the animals that populate Beckett’s prose, drama, and poetry. Essays theorize a broad spectrum of animal manifestations while focusing on the roles that distinct animal forms play within Beckett’s work, including horses, sheep, cats, dogs, bees, insects, and others. Contributors situate close readings within a larger literary and cultural context, drawing on thinkers ranging from Aristotle to Deleuze, Foucault, and Agamben, and on authors such as Flaubert, Kafka, and Coetzee. The result is an incisive and provocative collection that traverses disciplinary boundaries, revealing how Beckett’s creatures challenge conventional notions of species identity and, ultimately, what it means to be human.

New Book added to the Library

The Cambridge companion to: The EPIC


Bates, Catherine Ed.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Acc. No.: 73397 Call No.: 809.1’32 B329


Book description: Every great civilization from the Bronze Age to the present day has produced epic poems. Epic poetry has always had a profound influence on other literary genres, including its own parody in the form of mock-epic. This Companion surveys over four thousand years of epic poetry from the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh to Derek Walcott’s postcolonial Omeros. The list of epic poets analysed here includes some of the greatest writers in literary history in Europe and beyond: Homer, Virgil, Dante, Camões, Spenser, Milton, Wordsworth, Keats and Pound, among others. Each essay, by an expert in the field, pays close attention to the way these writers have intimately influenced one another to form a distinctive and cross-cultural literary tradition. Unique in its coverage of the vast scope of that tradition, this book is an essential companion for students of literature of all kinds and in all ages.