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The New Book added to Library

The South Asian Movement of Simultaneous Narration


Bronner Yigal

Publisher: Permanent Black

ISBN: 81-7824-299-0

Acc No: 74151       Call No: 891.2109


Book Description: Beginning in the sixth century CE and continuing for more than a thousand years, an extraordinary poetic practice was the trademark of a major literary movement in South Asia. Authors invented a special language to depict both the apparent and hidden sides of disguised or dual characters and then used it to narrate Indias major epics, the Ramandaya and the Mahand bhand rata, simultaneously. Originally produced in Sanskrit, these dual narratives eventually worked their way into regional languages, especially Telugu and Tamil and other artistic media, such as sculpture. Scholars have long dismissed simultaneous narration as a mere curiosity, if not a sign of cultural decline in medieval India. Yet Yigal Bronners Extreme Poetry effectively negates this position, proving that, far from being a meaningless pastime, this intricate, bitextual technique both transcended and reinvented Sanskrit literary expression. The poems of simultaneous narration teased and estranged existing convention and showcased the interrelations between the traditions foundational texts. By focusing on these achievements and their reverberations through time, Bronner rewrites the history of Sanskrit literature and its aesthetic goals. He also expands on contemporary theories of intertextuality, which have been largely confined to Western texts and practices.

New Book added to Library

 Applied Survey Sampling


Blair Edward, Blair Johnny

Publisher: SAGE Publication

ISBN: 978-1-4833-3433-2

Acc No: 74910      Call No: 300.723


Book Description:       Written for students and researchers who wish to understand the conceptual and practical aspects of sampling,Applied Survey Sampling, by Edward A. Blair and Johnny Blair, is designed to be accessible without requiring advanced statistical training. It covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of sampling to special topics such as sampling rare populations, sampling organizational populations, and sampling visitors to a place. Using cases and examples to illustrate sampling principles and procedures, the book thoroughly covers the fundamentals of modern survey sampling, and addresses recent changes in the survey environment such as declining response rates, the rise of Internet surveys, the need to accommodate cell phones in telephone surveys, and emerging uses of social media and big data.

The New Book added to Library

The being of bhasha: A General introduction



Publisher: Orient blackswan private limited

ISBN: 9788125054887

Acc No: 74122      Call No: 401.93


Book Description: The first volume of the People s Linguistic Survey of India brings to the reader the journey undertaken in 2010, by a group of visionaries led by G. N. Devy to document the languages of India as they existed then. The aim of the People s Linguistic Survey of India was to document these languages, spoken in India s remotest corners. India s towns and cities too have found a voice in this survey. What this journey did was to bring a groundswell of support from people from all walks of life, leading to The Being of Bhasha.

New Book added to the Library

Faeriequeene: book 1


Spenser, Edmund

Publisher: Orient Blackswan Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-250-4030-9

Acc No.: 74147      Call No.: 821.3 S744


Book Description: This revised edition of Faerie Queene Book has been freshly brought out under the series Orient BlackSwan Annotated Study Texts which is a series designed to bring classic English texts closer to students so that they are able to enjoy and understand the literary beauty and value of these excellent works. The introductions, commentaries and notes are aimed to provide guidance to the student to perceive the complete literary and cultural matrix of the work as well as to draw on the stylistic and technical mastery of the writers. Frequently, the student finds himself/herself confronted with not only the intricacies of the text under study but also the necessity to grapple with it contextually in terms of genre, literary and historical background and critical commentary. These editions provide the necessary background and analysis, including a list of questions and topics for discussion in class as well as a select bibliography.  This edition of Faerie Queene covers all aspects of the genesis, the history and the deeper contextual and allegorical representations of this seminal work by Edmund Spenser within the scope of the annotations which are extremely detailed and exhaustive.

New Book added to the Library

Organic synthesis: special techniques

2nd edition 


Ahluwalia, V. K. and Aggarwal, Renu

Publisher: Narosa Publishing House 

ISBN: 978-81-7319-711-6

Acc. No.: 74680     Call No.: 547.2 A285


Book Description: Most reactions in organic chemistry use volatile organic solvents and other hazardous chemicals which cause problems for our environment and human health. Thus constant efforts are being made to provide new safer and effective ways to manufacture products without damaging the environment. This book describes the use of various techniques in Organic Synthesis which minimize the use of hazardous chemicals and improve the yield of products i.e.: phase transfer catalysis in organic synthesis; crown ethers in organic synthesis; microwave induced organic synthesis; sonochemistry: use of ultrasound in organic chemistry; polymer supported reagents and synthesis; and, also principles involved, methodology and procedures for typical preparation for each of the techniques.

New Book added to the Library

Modern plant physiology 2nd edition


Sinha, R. K.

Publisher: Narosa Publishing House

ISBN: 978-81-8487-273-6

Acc. No.: 74725    Call No.: 581 Si615


Book Description: Highly successful first edition of the book is now thoroughly revised and updated in the light of current developments in field of plant physiology and Biochemistry. ADDED CONTENTS ARE: ? Reverse osmosis, effect of blue light on stomatal movement, chlororespiration, line Weave-Burk plot, artificial sweeteners, post translational modifications, protein synthesis in chloroplasts and mitochondria, synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids, refined oils, trans fats, artificial fat, chemiosmotic theory of auxin transport, GA induced ?-amylase synthesis, other known phytohormones, molecular basis of flowering and floral parts differentiation along with physiological and biochemical changes during senescence. ? Regulation of glycolysis by PFK, aerobic respiration, pentose phosphate pathway, alternate oxidase pathway, fatty acid synthesis are also incorporated in this edition.

New Book added to the Library

New world of Indigenous resistance


Chomsky, Noam

Publisher: Orient Blackswan private limited

ISBN: 978-81-250-4325-6

Acc.No: 74116   Call No. 305.8 C548


Book description: Indigenous societies today face difficult choices: can they develop, modernize, and advance without endangering their sacred traditions and communal identity? Specifically, can their communities benefit from national education while resisting the tendency of state-imposed programs to undermine their cultural sovereignty, language, and traditions? According to Lois Meyer and Benjamín Maldonado, these are among the core questions being raised by indigenous societies whose comunalidad—or communal way of life—is at odds with the dictates of big business and the social programs of the state.

To explore these issues in depth, Meyer and Maldonado conducted a series of dialogues with Noam Chomsky, and invited numerous organizers and intellectuals from indigenous communities of resistance to comment. In three in-depth conversations, Chomsky offers poignant lessons from his vast knowledge of world history, linguistics, economics, anti-authoritarian philosophy, and personal experience, and traces numerous parallels with other peoples who have resisted state power while attempting to modernize, develop, survive, and sustain their unique community identity and tradition. Following the interviews are commentaries from more than a dozen activists and intellectuals from the Americas, who speak from their own on-the-ground experiences and work with indigenous communities in Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Panama.

This is a powerful reflection on the interconnected issues of education, cultural preservation, globalization, forms of resistance, and possibilities for hope on local, regional, and national levels.

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