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Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Eighth Edition 


Daniel C. Harris 

PUBLISHER: W. H. Freeman and Company 

ISBN: 978-1-4292-39899

ACC. NO.: 75317  CALL NO.: 543.1 H313

Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Harris, Daniel C.

Book Description: Quantitative Chemical Analysis (QCA) is the bestselling textbook of choice for analytical chemistry. It continues to offer a consistently modern portrait of the tools and techniques of chemical analysis, incorporating real data, spreadsheets, and a wealth of applications. The material is presented in a personable style that engages students without compromising the principles and depth necessary for an extremely thorough and practical understanding. The eighth edition features new coverage of spectroscopy and statistics, to keep the information on these analytical tools completely relevant and up to date. It also has content and application updates throughout, especially in the increasingly important areas of nanotechnology and environmental chemistry. In addition, new pedagogy has been included, particularly new boxed applications and problem-solving questions, as well as enhanced lecturer support. The book also offers a companion website (… to aid understanding and learning. It reviews key concepts from the textbook through interactive exercises and learning tools such as online quizzes, experiments, living graphs and supplementary topics for students. It also provides assistance to those teaching from the book with textbook images and Power point slides for use in class.


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