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Essentials of Medical Physiology

Seventh Edition 


K. Sembulingam and Prema Sembulingam 

PUBLISHER: Jaypee The Health Sciences Publisher 

ISBN: 978-93-85999-11-6

ACC. NO.: 75305  CALL NO.: 612 S471

Book Image

Book Description: The book has been largely directed to the broad and specific needs of the undergraduate students, and simplicity and clarity have been emphasized. The students can easily assimilate the logical sequence in which the subjects have been presented not only for them to understand the same but also to perform well in the various types of objective and routine examinations.
Several readily understandable diagrams and tables have been included to make subject comprehension and revision easy. Applied physiology, clinical importance and altered situations in pediatrics, geriatrics and pregnancy have been well brought out.

• Thoroughly revised and fully updated with recent developments in the field of Physiology

• Enriched with boxes containing important facts, particularly in Applied Physiology in addition to inclusion of more tables, flow charts and descriptive diagrams

• Tables and flow charts formatted in new attractive style

• Illustration of each chapter with beautiful color diagrams and appreciate color blends that are soothing to the eyes and appealing to the mind

• List of topics given at the beginning of each chapter prepares the mind of the reader what to expect from that chapter and how to approach the chapter for better understanding

• Probable questions give n at the end of each section are the ultimate benefit for the student to assess himself/ herself and approach the subject with a clear idea

• A real state-of-the-art book with approximately 600 color diagrams.


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