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Brain-Compatible Assessments

Second Edition 


Diane, Ronis 

PUBLISHER: Corwin Press A SAGE Publication 

ISBN: 978-1-4129-5021-3

ACC. NO.: 75191  CALL NO.: 371.264 R768

Brain-Compatible Assessments

Book Description: Each student, unique in his or her ability to learn, acquires processes and demonstrates knowledge individually. Building upon this premise, Diane Ronis, a recognized expert in brain-compatible learning and assessment, goes beyond the world of standardized testing to show educators how to build and use targeted assessments based on the latest neuroscientific research.

Updated to reflect recent findings about how the brain learns, Brain-Compatible Assessments, Second Edition, provides readers with revised tools for assessing achievement in ways that allow for brain differences within any classroom setting. Showing teachers how to construct rubrics that are based on standards and reflect principles of brain-compatible learning, this second edition:

  • Applies brain research to improve formative and summative assessment in the classroom
  • Provides how-to’s for designing top quality rubrics
  • Incorporates computer technologytools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity

Educators will discover how to effectively apply practical high-level assessments in a standards-based environment to help all students realize their potential and succeed.


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