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Developing Teaching Skills in the Primary School


Jane Johnston, John Halocha and Mark Chater 

PUBLISHER:  Mc Graw Hill Open University Press 

ISBN: 978-033522096-0

ACC. NO.: 75195  CALL NO.: 372.1102 J65

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Book Description: Teaching is a complex process which involves the development and utilization of subject knowledge and teaching skills. Containing reflective and practical skills, this book supports such development, focusing specifically on teaching skills, considering what they are, how they develop and how they differ between age and subject. The book contains three sections – Planning, Doing and Reviewing – which demonstrate effective classroom practice. It uses examples of practitioners at different stages of their professional development to link theory and practice, and includes discussions on contemporary issues in primary education, such as: Constructivist teaching and learning Thinking skills Creativity Teaching and learning styles Child-centred learning The authors provide a critical analysis of the issues, practice and problems faced by primary school teachers, which is supported by reflective tasks throughout the book. Emphasizing the child as a partner in the learning process and highlighting the importance of teaching for child-centred learning, the book ultimately develops and strengthens the teacher’s skills. Developing Teaching Skills in the Primary School provides essential guidance and support to trainee, beginner and developing primary school teachers.


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