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1 Lial, Margaret L. (et al.) Trigonometry 9th ed.
2 Pike, Susan Learning primary Geography: ideas and inspiration from classrooms
3 Dickson, Charles Experiments in pharmaceutical chemistry 2nd ed.


4 Gupta, Radhey S. Elements of numerical analysis 2nd ed.
5 Pfennig, Brian W. Principles of inorganic chemistry
6 Johnston-Wilder, Sue (et al. eds.) Learning to teach mathematics in the secondary school: a companion to school experience
7 Reddy, G. Lokanadha and Anuradha, R. Vijaya (eds.) Teacher education certain reflections
8 Korevaar, Jacob Mathematical methods: linear algebra, normed spaces, distributions, integration
9 Panigrahi, S. and Mallick B. Engineering practical physics
10 Lamport, Leslie Latex: a document preparation system users guide and reference manual
11 Zorn, Paul Understanding real analysis
12 Smith, Tom E. C. Serving students with special needs: a practical guide for administrators
13 Martin-Jones, Marilyn (et al. eds.) The Routledge handbook of multilingualism
14 Chakrabarty, Bidyut and Pandey Rajendra Kumar Modern Indian political thought text and context
15 Palanithurai, G. (ed.) Dynamics of panchayati raj system in India
16 Austin, Granville Working a democratic constitution: a history of the Indian experience

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