New Book added to the Libray

Sl.No. Author Title
1. Bennett,Michael Y. The Cambridge introduction theatre and literature of the absurd
2. Benesch, Sarah Considering emotions in critical English language teaching: theories and praxis
3. Fludernik, Monika An introduction to Narratology
4. Patchin, Justin W. and Hinduja, Sameer Bullying today : bullet pints and best practices
5. Griffin, Gabriele  (ed.) Research methods for English studies 2nd edition
6. Meyer, Richard J. and Whitmore, Kathryn F. (eds.) Reclaiming reading : teachers, students, and researches regaining spaces for thinking and action
7. Davar, Bhargavi V. and Sundari Ravindran, T. K. (eds.) Gendering mental health :  Knowledges, identities, and institutions
8. Ghosh, Peu International relations 4th edition
9. Gargiulo, Richard M. Special education in contemporary society 5e : an introduction to exceptionality
10. Osgood, Jayne Narratives from the nursery : negotiating professional identities in early childhood
11. Basu, Rumki (ed.) International politics : concepts, theories and issues
12. Zuckerman, June Trop From Lesson plans to power struggles grades 6-12
13. Leahy, Robert L. Emotional schema therapy
14. Glatthorn, Allan A. ( Curriculum leadership : strategies for development and implementation
15. Klein, Stephen B. Learning : Principles and applications 5th ed.
16. Provenzo, Eugene F. ( 100 experiential learning activities for social studies, literature and the arts, grades 5-12



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