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Indian English and the Fiction of National Literature


George Rosemary Marangoly

Publisher:  Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107040007

Acc No: 73435      Call No: 820.9’954 G347

Indian eng literBook Description: During the twentieth century, at the height of the independence movement and after, Indian literary writing in English was entrusted with the task of consolidating the image of a unified, seemingly caste-free, modernising India for consumption both at home and abroad. This led to a critical insistence on the proximity of the national and the literary, which in turn, led to the canonisation of certain writers and themes and the dismissal of others. Examining English anthologies of ‘Indian literature’, as well as the establishment of the Sahitya Akademi (the national academy of letters) and the work of R. K. Narayan and Mulk Raj Anand among others, Rosemary George exposes the painstaking efforts that went into the elaboration of a ‘national literature’ in English for independent India even while deliberating the fundamental limitations of using a nation-centric critical framework for reading literary works. This book examines the establishment, during the twentieth century, of an Indian national literature. Through close examination of English-language fiction in particular, Rosemary George shows how caste, gender and a focus on national principles have had a significant impact on the value attached to literary texts in India.

New Books added to the Library

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De Condappa, Philomena and Sivakumar, P.   Enhancing Reading Skills


George, Rosemary Marangoly   Indian English and Fiction of National Literature


Gowariker, V.R. and others   Polymer Science


Gupta, S.L. and others   Classical Mechanics


Khan, Nizamuddin and Minhajul Hoda, Md.   A Text Book on General Geography of Asia


Khullar, D.R.   Essentials of Practical Geography


Lund, Mary Ann   Melancholy, Medicine and Religion in Early Modern   England


Mathews, P.M. and Venkatesan, K.   A Text Book of Quantum Mechanics


Nalina Sundari, M.S. and Santhi,R.   Entomology


Platt, Len (ed.)   Modernism and Race


Pressley, Andrew   Elementary Differential Geometry


Satakopachari, Padma   On Education for Teacher Educators


Sharma, Vinay Prabha  and Kumar, Rakesh   Pericyclic Reactions and Organic Photochemistry


Somasundaram, D.   A First Course in Functional Analysis


Su, John J.   Imagination and the Contemporary Novel


Tangpu, Vareishang and Gopal, G.V.   Biodiversity of RIE Mysore Campus: A Manual

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Symmetry and Spectroscopy of Molecules


K Veera Reddy

Publisher:  New Age International Publishers

ISBN: 978-8122424515

Acc No: 73233      Call No: 539.12 R313:1

Symmetry & spectroscopyBook Description: The book is intended for both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The subject material deals with symmetry, starting from the basic and rudimental foundations of the concept and the depth of its applications. The presentation of the concepts and the related illustrations in the book are on semi-pedagogical lines and thus offer easy understanding to the reader. The book is designed with twelve well thought chapters, with each preceding chapter opening the gate for the development of the next thereby having a high degree of sequence. The first seven chapters are devoted to the indepth understanding of ‘symmetry and group theory’ of molecules and the last five chapters are developed on the aspects of how these formalisms are utilized for the ‘structure, spectra and bonding’ of molecules. The book also covers the essential basics of the group theory that are required for all sections of chemistry, and emphasizes the necessity of this theory to understand the theoretical and applied aspects of molecular spectroscopy. This text is the result of a long felt need for developing certain novel techniques for the teaching of this course. A ‘Window-vision’ has been provided in the book while presenting most of the chapters and ‘Study Questions’ are placed at the end of each chapter to help ensure understanding of the concepts.

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Samuel Beckett in Context


Anthony Uhlmann

Publisher:  Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1107017030

Acc No: 73418      Call No: 848.91409 U31

Samuel beckettBook Description: When Samuel Beckett first came to international prominence with the success of Waiting for Godot, many critics believed the play was divorced from any recognisable context. The two tramps, and the master and servant they encounter, seemed to represent no one and everyone. Today, critics challenge the assumption that Beckett aimed to break definitively with context, highlighting images, allusions and motifs that tether Beckett’s writings to real people, places and issues in his life. This wide-ranging collection of essays from 37 renowned Beckett scholars reveals how extensively Beckett entered into dialogue with important literary traditions and the realities of his time. Drawing on his major works, as well as on a range of letters and theoretical notebooks, the essays are designed to complement each other, building a broad overview that will allow students and scholars to come away with a better sense of Beckett’s life, writings and legacy.

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Anniversary Essays on Tolstoy

1st edition


Donna Tussing Orwin (ed.)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1107412743

Acc No: 73393     Call No: 891.733 Or79

TolstoyBook Description: A century after Leo Tolstoy’s death, the author of War and Peace is widely admired but too often thought of only with reference to his realism and moral sense. The many sides of Tolstoy revealed in these essays speak to readers with astonishing force, relevance, and complexity. In a lively, challenging style, leading scholars range over his long life, from his first work Childhood to the works of his old age like Hadji Murat, and the many genres in which he worked, from the major novels to aphorisms and short stories. The essays present fresh approaches to his central themes: love, death, religious faith and doubt, violence, the animal kingdom, and war. They also assess his reception both in his lifetime and subsequently. Setting new agendas for the study of this classic author, this volume provides a snapshot of more current scholarship on Tolstoy.

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The Cambridge Companion to

Shakespearean Tragedy

2nd edition


Claire McEachern

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107643321

Acc No: 73270      Call No: 823.33 Sh527

the-cambridge-companion-to-shakespearean-tragedyBook Description: This revised and updated Companion acquaints the student reader with the forms, contexts, critical and theatrical lives of the ten plays considered to be Shakespeare’s tragedies. Thirteen essays, written by leading scholars in Britain and North America, address the ways in which Shakespearean tragedy originated, developed and diversified, as well as how it has fared on stage, as text and in criticism. Topics covered include the literary precursors of Shakespeare’s tragedies, cultural backgrounds, sub-genres and receptions of the plays. The book examines the four major tragedies and, in addition, Titus Andronicus, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus and Timon of Athens. Essays from the first edition have been fully revised to reflect the most up-to-date scholarship; the bibliography has been extensively updated; and four new chapters have been added, discussing Shakespearean form, Shakespeare and philosophy, Shakespeare’s tragedies in performance, and Shakespeare and religion.

New Book added to the Library

Concepts In Abstract Algebra


Charles Lanski

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 9780821852125

Acc No: 73551     Call No: 515 L294:1

Abstract algebraBook Description: The style and structure of Concepts in Abstract Algebra are designed to help students learn the core concepts and associated techniques in algebra deeply and well. Providing a fuller and richer account of material than time allows in a lecture, this text presents interesting examples of sufficient complexity so that students can see the concepts and results used in a nontrivial setting. Charles Lanski gives students the opportunity to practice by offering many exercises that require the use and synthesis of the techniques and results. Both readable and mathematically interesting, the text also helps students learn the art of constructing mathematical arguments. Overall, students discover how mathematics proceeds and how to use techniques that mathematicians actually employ.