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Differentiated Science Inquiry


Llewellyn, Douglas

Publisher: SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-321-1599-1

Acc No.: 74096   Call No.: 507.1 D733


Book Description:  One type of science instruction does not fit all. Best-selling author Douglas Llewellyn gives teachers standards-based strategies for differentiating science education to more effectively meet the needs of all students. This book takes the concept of inquiry-based science instruction to a deeper level, includes a compelling case study, and demonstrates:

  • Methods for determining when and how to provide students with more choices, thereby increasing their ownership and motivation
  • Ways to implement differentiated science inquiry in the main areas of science instruction
  • Strategies for successfully managing the classroom

Differentiated Science Inquiry offers compelling examples and is filled with helpful how-to’s for modifying existing activities and labs for effective instruction.

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Shakespeare’s Individualism


Holbrook, Peter

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-0-521-76067-6

Acc No.: 73422      Call No.: 822.33 H723


Book Description:   Providing a provocative and original perspective on Shakespeare, Peter Holbrook argues that Shakespeare is an author friendly to such essentially modern and unruly notions as individuality, freedom, self-realization and authenticity. These expressive values vivify Shakespeare’s own writing; they also form a continuous, and a central, part of the Shakespearean tradition. Engaging with the theme of the individual will in specific plays and poems, and examining a range of libertarian-minded scholarly and literary responses to Shakespeare over time, Shakespeare’s Individualism advances the proposition that one of the key reasons for reading Shakespeare today is his commitment to individual liberty – even as we recognize that freedom is not just an indispensable ideal but also, potentially, a dangerous one. Engagingly written and jargon free, this book demonstrates that Shakespeare has important things to say about fundamental issues of human existence.

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An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices.

2nd Edition.


Harvey, Peter

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-107-66970-3

Acc No.: 73900     Call No.: 294.3 H341

an Intro. Buddhism

Book Description: In this new edition of the best-selling Introduction to Buddhism, Peter Harvey provides a comprehensive introduction to the development of the Buddhist tradition in both Asia and the West. Extensively revised and fully updated, this new edition draws on recent scholarship in the field, exploring the tensions and continuities between the different forms of Buddhism. Harvey critiques and corrects some common misconceptions and mistranslations, and discusses key concepts that have often been over-simplified and over-generalised. The volume includes detailed references to scriptures and secondary literature, an updated bibliography, and a section on web resources. Key terms are given in Pali and Sanskrit, and Tibetan words are transliterated in the most easily pronounceable form, making this is a truly accessible account. This is an ideal course book for students of religion, Asian philosophy and Asian studies, and is also a useful reference for readers wanting an overview of Buddhism and its beliefs.

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Birds of the Indian Subcontinent

2nd.  Edition.


Grimmett, Richard, Inskipp, Carol and Inskipp, Tim

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-807722-0

Acc No.: 73954      Call No.: 598.0954 G864:1


Book Description:   214 color plates. This new field guide is based on the authors’ groundbreaking Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (1998) and covers all the bird species found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Maldives. The plates face the descriptions and maps for quick at a glance reference. Many of the plates have been repainted for this edition and a number of new species added. This guide also provides tables, summarising identification features of particularly difficult groups such as nightjars, warblers and rose finches.

Covers every species recorded in the subcontinent, Portable, single-volume format, with plates opposite text and maps for easy reference
Concise species accounts highlight the key identification features of every bird recorded in the region
New, fully updated, full-color maps for all species.

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A Social History of The Deccan, 1300-1761: Eight Indian Lives


Eaton, Richard M.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-0-521-51442-2

Acc No.: 73903     Call No.: 954.02 E14


Book Description:   In this fascinating account of one of the least known parts of South Asia, Eaton recounts the history of the Deccan plateau in southern India from the fourteenth century to the rise of European colonialism. He does so, vividly, through the lives of eight Indians who lived at different times during this period, and who each represented something particular about the Deccan. In the first chapter, for example, the author describes the demise of the regional kingdom through the life of a maharaja. In the second, a Sufi sheikh illustrates Muslim piety and state authority. Other characters include a merchant, a general, a slave, a poet, a bandit and a female pawnbroker. Their stories are woven together into a rich narrative tapestry, which illumines the most important social processes of the Deccan across four centuries. This is a much-needed book by the most highly regarded scholar in the field.

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The Power of Teacher Leaders: Their Roles, Influence, and Impact


Bond, Nathan (ed.)

Publisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group

ISBN: 978-0-415-74165-1

Acc No.: 74090       Call No.: 371.102 B711


Book Description: Co-published with Kappa Delta Pi, The Power of Teacher Leaders provides a comprehensive resource for understanding the ways that teacher leaders foster positive change in their schools. Distinct from school administrators, teacher leaders are professionals who remain in the classroom and use their specialized knowledge and skills to improve student achievement, influence others, and build organizational capacity.

Written by leading educational researchers, each chapter of The Power of Teacher Leaders describes a different way that teachers are leading. Moving beyond the question of why teacher leaders are important and how such work is implemented, the contributing scholars to this collection offer a critical examination of the field by presenting original research, case studies, and programs in practice. Topics covered include how teachers become leaders, their wide-ranging leadership roles, and the effects of teacher leadership on student academic success and school communities. A cohesive edited collection, this book demonstrates how teacher leaders play an increasingly active role in the improvement of student learning, teacher professional development, and school climate.

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The Modern Anthropology of India: Ethnography, Themes and Theory


Berger, Perer and Heidemann, Frank (ed.)

Publisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group

ISBN: 978-0-415-58724-2

Acc No.: 73920    Call No.: 305.800954 B496


Book Description: The Modern Anthropology of India is an accessible textbook providing a critical overview of the ethnographic work done in India since 1947. It assesses the history of research in each region and serves as a practical and comprehensive guide to the main themes dealt with by ethnographers. It highlights key analytical concepts and paradigms that came to be of relevance in particular regions in the recent history of research in India, and which possibly gained a pan-Indian or even trans-Indian significance.

Structured according to the states of the Indian union, contributors raise several key questions, including:

  • What themes were ethnographers interested in?
  • What are the significant ethnographic contributions?
  • How are peoples, communities and cultural areas represented?
  • How has the ethnographic research in the area developed?

Filling a significant gap in the literature, the book is an invaluable resource to students and researchers in the field of Indian anthropology/ethnography, regional anthropology and postcolonial studies. It is also of interest to students of South Asian studies in general as it provides an extensive and critical overview of regionally based ethnographic activity undertaken in India.