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Cambridge advanced English


Jones, Leo

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-81-7596-046-6

Acc. No.: 73885         Call No.: 428.24 J76

Book Description: These three cassettes accompany “Cambridge Advanced English”, a main course book designed specially for learners of English as a foreign language who are at post-First Certificate level. Its 24 units engage and inform students as part of the process of developing their language skills.

New Book added to the Library

Effective instructional strategies: from theory to practice. 3rd Edition


Moore, Kenneth D. 

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 978-1-4129-9572-6

Acc. No.: 74899     Call No.: 371.102 M821:1

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Book Description: The Third Edition of Effective Instructional Strategies: From Theory to Practice provides thorough coverage of the strategies and skills essential that every teacher needs to know. This text applies the latest research findings and practical classroom practices to the instructional process by presenting a Theory to Practice approach to instruction emphasizing the intelligent use of teaching theory and research to improve classroom instruction. Logically and precisely providing information about how to be an effective classroom teacher, this text has been carefully designed to maximize instructional flexibility and to model established principles of instruction. It was further designed to expand the pedagogical teaching knowledge of teachers and their instructional repertoires.


New Book added to the Library

Essentials of nuclear chemistry


Arnikar, H. J.

Publisher: New Age International Publishers

ISBN: 978-81-224-3203-9

Acc. No.: 74666      Call No.: 547.38 A742

Book Description: The revised edition retains the essential theories of nuclear structure and stability, radioactivity and the principles of fission, fusion and breeder reactors of the earlier editions. The preparation of the more commonly used radioisotopes and their uses as tracers in research, medicine, agriculture and industry are described. The book also covers the elements of Radiation and Radiochemistry illustrated with additional examples. The section on Mossbauer effect is retained. The chapter on the detection and measurement of radioactivity is revised to include thermoluminescence and Cerenkov detectors.

New Book added to the Library

William Blake


Bentley, G. E. ed.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 978-0-415-56889-0

Acc. No.: 74336           Call No.: 828.7009 B477

Book Description: The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer’s work, enabling student and researcher to read the material themselves.

New Book added to the Library

Basic inorganic chemistry. 3rd. ed.


Cotton, Albert F. , Wilkinson, and Gaus

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-265-1114-3

Acc. No.: 74658         Call No.: 546 C851


Book Description: The basics of inorganic chemistry with a crucial emphasis on facts. It then progresses to discuss the important principles of periodicity in structure, bonding, and reactivity. This title also includes exclusive chapters on improved treatment of atomic orbitals and properties such as electronegativity, Wade’s rules for boranes and carboranes, novel approaches to the depiction of ionic structures, nomenclature for transition metal compounds, quantitative approaches to acid-base chemistry, and the chemistry of major new classes of substances including fullerenes and silenes, and a chapter on the inorganic solid state.


New Book added to the Library

The Rape of the lock: with an introduction and commentary


Pope, Alexander

Publisher: Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd.,

ISBN: 978-81-250-4031-6

Acc. No.: 74111          Call No.: 821.5 P826

The Rape of the Lock: Alexander Pope (Author) & C.T. Thomas (Ed.)

Book Description:The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope has been freshly brought out under the series Orient BlackSwan Annotated Study Texts which is a series designed to bring classic English texts closer to students so that they are able to enjoy and understand the literary beauty and value of these excellent works. The introductions, commentaries and notes are aimed to provide guidance to the student to perceive the complete literary and cultural matrix of the work as well as to draw on the stylistic and technical mastery of the writers. Frequently, the student finds himself/herself confronted with not only the intricacies of the text under study but also the necessity to grapple with it contextually in terms of genre, literary and historical background and critical commentary. These editions provide the necessary background and analysis, including a list of questions and topics for discussion in class as well as a select bibliography.

New Book added to the Library



Sharma, B. K.

Publisher: GOEL Publishing House

ISBN: 978-81-8283-101-8

Author: Sharma, B. K. 

Acc. No.: 74662              Call No.: 543.8 Sh531


Book Description: Latest revised and enlarged edition of the book. Readers will find drastic improvements almost in every chapter.

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