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Learning primary Geography: ideas and inspiration from classrooms


Pike, Susan

Publisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group

ISBN: 978-1-138-92297-6

Acc. No.: 75180   Call No.: 372.891 P635

9781138922976: Learning Primary Geography: Ideas and inspiration from classrooms


Book Description: Learning Primary Geography: Ideas and inspiration from classrooms celebrates children’s learning in primary geography. It is a book for all student and practising teachers who would like children to learn about their world in an enjoyable and stimulating way. Every page presents inspiring examples of children’s learning, and explains how and why creative approaches such as enquiry learning, learning outside the classroom, and using imaginative resources work so well in primary geography. Using illustrated case studies from a range of schools and classrooms, each chapter showcases the fantastic work all children can do in primary geography.

The book explores a wide variety of geographical learning, with chapters focusing on key aspects of the subject, including:

  • primary geography through the school grounds

  •  topical geography through issues and events

  • learning about places in primary geography

  • children’s agency and action through primary geography

Throughout the chapters, the role of primary geography in helping children develop all types of literacies, including spatial, critical and digital literacies, is explored.

Written by a highly experienced teacher and lecturer in education, Learning Primary Geographyis underpinned and illustrated by examples from a wide range of primary classrooms. It will be a source of support, guidance and inspiration for all those teaching geography in the primary school.

New Book added to the Library

Trigonometry 9th ed.


Lial, Margaret L. (et al.)

Publisher: Pearson Addison Wesley

ISBN: 978-0-321-52885-8

Acc. No.: 75373   Call No.: 512.9 L693

Trigonometry (9th Edition): Margaret L. Lial,

Book Description: Over the years, the text has been shaped and adapted to meet the changing needs of both students and educators. As always, special care was taken to respond to the specific suggestions of users and reviewers through enhanced discussions, new and updated examples and exercises, helpful features, and an extensive package of supplements and study aids. The result is an easy-to-use, comprehensive text that is the best edition yet.

New Book added to the Library

Sl. No.



1 Lial, Margaret L. (et al.) Trigonometry 9th ed.
2 Pike, Susan Learning primary Geography: ideas and inspiration from classrooms
3 Dickson, Charles Experiments in pharmaceutical chemistry 2nd ed.


4 Gupta, Radhey S. Elements of numerical analysis 2nd ed.
5 Pfennig, Brian W. Principles of inorganic chemistry
6 Johnston-Wilder, Sue (et al. eds.) Learning to teach mathematics in the secondary school: a companion to school experience
7 Reddy, G. Lokanadha and Anuradha, R. Vijaya (eds.) Teacher education certain reflections
8 Korevaar, Jacob Mathematical methods: linear algebra, normed spaces, distributions, integration
9 Panigrahi, S. and Mallick B. Engineering practical physics
10 Lamport, Leslie Latex: a document preparation system users guide and reference manual
11 Zorn, Paul Understanding real analysis
12 Smith, Tom E. C. Serving students with special needs: a practical guide for administrators
13 Martin-Jones, Marilyn (et al. eds.) The Routledge handbook of multilingualism
14 Chakrabarty, Bidyut and Pandey Rajendra Kumar Modern Indian political thought text and context
15 Palanithurai, G. (ed.) Dynamics of panchayati raj system in India
16 Austin, Granville Working a democratic constitution: a history of the Indian experience

New Book added to the Library

100 experiential learning activities for social studies, literature and the arts, grades 5-12


Provenzo, Eugene F. (et al.)

Publisher: Crowin Press A Sage Company

ISBN: 978-1-4129-4000-9

Acc. No.: 75190   Call No.: 809.39 P969

9781412940009: 100 Experiential Learning Activities for Social Studies, Literature, and the Arts, Grades 5-12

Book Description:  Encourage critical thinking while teaching meaning through learning experiences! Learning in secondary school classrooms involves much more than students reciting the “right” answers on high-stakes tests. This activity-packed book encourages educators to move beyond traditional models of teaching and learning and provides them with the tools for getting started.

100 Experiential Learning Activities for Social Studies, Literature, and the Arts, Grades 5–12 focuses on using active learning to engage students in critical thinking and reflection about complex content knowledge in the humanities and the arts. Through easy-to-use matrices, the authors link lessons investigating history, economics, literature, music, and visual arts to McREL, NCTE, and NCSS standards. The 100 activities address significant social issues, including social justice, culture, language, and diversity. Teachers can emphasize comprehension, encourage creative thinking, and promote transfer across disciplines to help students:

  • Explore primary sources to uncover practical and relevant information

  • Construct careful arguments to integrate new learning with prior knowledge

  • Question deeply held assumptions to arrive at authentic understandings

  • Approach new ideas with confidence

New Book added to the Library

Learning : Principles and applications 5th ed.


Klein, Stephen B.

Publisher: Sage

ISBN: 978-1-4129-5652-9

Acc. No.: 75198   Call No.: 370.1523 K64

Book Description:  Known for its uncompromising academic rigor and easy-to-read style and format, Klein: Learning: Principles and Applications is now in its Fifth Edition. Over the past four editions, this text has received unending praise for its accessible and thorough coverage of both classic and current studies of animal and human research. Concepts and theories are introduced within the framework of highly effective pedagogical elements, such as: chapter-opening vignettes, ‘Before You Go On’ checkpoints, application boxes, chapter summaries, and critical thinking questions.áIn this new edition, the content has been updated and reorganized to reflect changes in the field, the pedagogical features have been strengthened and highlighted to continue to help students better comprehend the subject matter, and the ancillaries are all new.

New Book added to the Library

Curriculum leadership : strategies for development and implementation


Glatthorn, Allan A. (et al.)

Publisher: Sage

ISBN: 978-1-4129-6781-5

Acc. No.:75194   Call No.: 375.001 G541

 Curriculum Leadership Book Description: Curriculum Leadership: Strategies for Development and Implementation, Second Edition is a much-needed, highly informative, and easy-to-read account of curriculum development and implementation for those aspiring to become curriculum decision makers. This important book-which helps bridge curriculum’s rich historical past to today’s global education world-is essential for educational leaders in the planning, alignment, and development of curriculum to meet state, national, and international standards.

Authors Allan A. Glatthorn, Floyd Boschee, and Bruce M. Whitehead provide innovative and successful curriculum ideas that include reflective case studies with challenges and key issues/questions, Key to Leadership sections, curriculum tips, an Applications section, and a Webliography in every chapter. Also interspersed throughout the book are tried-and-true strategies that provide administrators with innovative ideas on meeting state and national standards.

New Book added to the Library

Emotional schema therapy


Leahy, Robert L.

Publisher: The Guilford Press

ISBN: 978-1-4625-2054-1

Acc. No.: 75196   Call No.: 616.891425 L433

Cover Graphic

Book Description: Over decades of practice of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Robert L. Leahy has made important discoveries about the role that beliefs and expectations about emotions play in psychopathology. This book presents innovative tools for helping patients to understand their emotional schemas—such as the conviction that painful feelings are unbearable, shameful, or will last indefinitely—and develop new ways of accepting and coping with affective experience. Therapists can integrate emotional schema therapy into the treatment approaches they already use to add a vital new dimension to their work. Rich case material illustrates applications for a wide range of clinical problems; assessment guidelines and sample worksheets and forms further enhance the book’s utility.

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