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30 Jul

Algebra & Trigonometry : Enhanced with Graphing Utilities

5th edition


Michael Sullivan and Michael Sullivan, III

Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780136004929

Acc. No.: 73556            Call No.: 512.13 Su949



Book Description: These authors understand what it takes to be successful in mathematics, the skills that students bring to this course, and the way that technology can be used to enhance learning without sacrificing math skills. As a result, they have a created a textbook with an overall learning system involving preparation, practice, and review to help students get the most out of the time they put into studying. In sum, Sullivan and Sullivan’s Algebra and Trigonometry: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities gives students a model for success in mathematics.

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25 Jul

An introduction to the theory of numbers

5th edition


Ivan Niven ; Herbert S. Zuckerman and Hugh L. Montgomery

Publisher: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788126518111

Acc. No.: 73563           Call No.: 512.7 N734

theory of num

Book Description: Divisibility Congruences Quadratic Reciprocity and Quadratic Forms Some Functions of Number Theory Some Diophantine Equations Farey Fractions and Irrational Numbers Simple Continued Fractions Primes and Multiplicative Number Theory Algebraic Numbers The Partition Function The Density of Sequences of Integers Appendices General References Hints Answers Index.

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24 Jul

Classical Mechanics

3rd edition


Herbert Goldstein ; Charles P. Poole and John Safko

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9788131758915

Acc. No.: 73076          Call No.: 531 G618



Book Description: For 30 years, this classic text has been the acknowledged standard in classical mechanics courses. Classical Mechanics enables students to make connections between classical and modern physics an indispensable part of a physicist s education. The authors have updated the topics, applications, and notations to reflect today s physics curriculum. They introduce students to the increasingly important role that nonlinearities play in contemporary applications of classical mechanics. New numerical exercises help students develop skills in the use of computer techniques to solve problems in physics. Mathematical techniques are presented in detail so that the text remains fully accessible to students who have not had an intermediate course in classical mechanics.

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23 Jul

The Study of Urban Geography

4th edition


Harold Carter

Publisher: Hodder Arnold Publication

ISBN: 9780713165890

Acc. No.: 73044           Call No.: 910.9132 C323



Book Description: Since it was first published in 1972, ‘The Study of Urban Geography’ has established itself as the most coherent and extensive account of its subject. Its central purpose is the distillation of a wide range of work, much of it original research, into an effective synthesis of contemporary urban geography.

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22 Jul

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

9th edition


Erwin Kreyszig

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9788126531356

Acc. No.: 73183           Call No.: 510.2462 K92



Book Description: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. Book Condition: New. . (illustrator). 5th or later edition. . PART A: ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (ODE`S). Chapter 1. First-Order ODE`s. Chapter 2. Second Order Linear ODE`s. Chapter 3. Higher Order Linear ODE`s. Chapter 4. Systems of ODE`s Phase Plane, Qualitative Methods. Chapter 5. Series Solutions of ODE`s Special Functions. Chapter 6. Laplace Transforms. PART B: LINEAR ALGEBRA, VECTOR CALCULUS. Chapter 7. Linear Algebra: Matrices, Vectors, Determinants: Linear Systems. Chapter 8. Linear Algebra: Matrix Eigenvalue Problems. Chapter 9. Vector Differential Calculus: Grad, Div, Curl. Chapter 10. Vector Integral Calculus: Integral Theorems. PART C: FOURIER ANALYSIS, PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. Chapter 11. Fourier Series, Integrals, and Transforms. Chapter 12. Partial Differential Equations (PDE`s). Chapter 13. Complex Numbers and Functions. Chapter 14. Complex Integration. Chapter 15. Power Series, Taylor Series. Chapter 16. Laurent Series: Residue Integration. Chapter 17. Conformal Mapping. Chapter 18. Complex Analysis and Potential Theory. PART E: NUMERICAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE. Chapter 19. Numerics in General. Chapter 20. Numerical Linear Algebra. Chapter 21. Numerics for ODE`s and PDE`s. PART F: OPTIMIZATION, GRAPHS. Chapter 22. Unconstrained Optimization: Linear Programming. Chapter 23. Graphs, Combinatorial Optimization. PART G: PROBABILITY; STATISTICS. Chapter 24. Data Analysis: Probability Theory. Chapter 25. Mathematical Statistics.

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21 Jul

The Cambridge Companion to Scottish Literature


Edited by Gerard Carruthers and Liam McIlvanney

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521189361

Acc. No.: 73269                Call No. : 820.9941 C311


Book Description: Scotland’s rich literary tradition is a product of its unique culture and landscape, as well as of its long history of inclusion and resistance to the United Kingdom. Scottish literature includes masterpieces in three languages – English, Scots and Gaelic – and global perspectives from the diaspora of Scots all over the world. This Companion offers a unique introduction, guide and reference work for students and readers of Scottish literature from the pre-medieval period to the post-devolution present. Essays focus on key periods and movements (the Scottish Enlightenment, Scottish Romanticism, the Scottish Renaissance), genres (the historical novel, Scottish Gothic, ‘Tartan Noir’) and major authors (Burns, Scott, Stevenson, MacDiarmid and Spark). A chronology and guides to further reading in each chapter make this an ideal overview of a national literature that continues to develop its own distinctive style.

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17 Jul

Electronic Devices and Circuits

5th edition


David A. Bell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195693409

Acc. No.: 73087                     Call No.: 621.3815 B433


Book Description: The fifth edition of Electronic Devices and circuits is designed for undergraduate engineering courses of electrical and electronics, instrumentation and control, and electronics and instrumentation. Earlier editions of this popular book already feature as one of the main recommended textbooks in several courses related to electronic devices and circuits of some of the major universities around the world. This edition offers a more complete coverage of the syllabuses of various universities, including those in India. Apart from a new chapter on active filters, this edition also covers circuit testing and troubleshooting methods, RC and LC power supply filters, tuned circuit amplifiers, and class C amplifiers. The book provides lucid explanations of the operation of all important electronic devices generally available today. Beginning with basic semiconductor and pn junction theory, the operation, characteristics, and parameters of each device are covered, and appropriate circuit applications are presented. Circuit design and analysis methods using the currently available devices and standard-value components are extensively treated.

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16 Jul


Principles of Mathematics


Bertrand Russell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415487412

Acc. No.: 73539                   Call No.: 511 R961


Book Description: First published in 1903, Principles of Mathematics was Bertrand Russell’s first major work in print. It was this title which saw him begin his ascent towards eminence. In this groundbreaking and important work, Bertrand Russell argues that mathematics and logic are, in fact, identical and what is commonly called mathematics is simply later deductions from logical premises. Highly influential and engaging, this important work led to Russell’s dominance of analytical logic on western philosophy in the twentieth century.

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15 Jul

The Cambridge Companion to Sensation Fiction


Edited by Andrew Mangham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press,  2013

ISBN : 978-0521157094

Acc. No. : 73281                Call No. : 823.809353 M277


Book Description: In 1859 the popular novelist Wilkie Collins wrote of a ghostly woman, dressed from head to toe in white garments, laying her cold, thin hand on the shoulder of a young man as he walked home late one evening. His novel The Woman in White became hugely successful and popularised a style of writing that came to be known as sensation fiction. This Companion highlights the energy, the impact and the inventiveness of the novels that were written in ‘sensational’ style, including the work of Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Mrs Henry Wood and Florence Marryat. It contains fifteen specially-commissioned essays and includes a chronology and a guide to further reading. Accessible yet rigorous, this Companion questions what influenced the shape and texture of the sensation novel, and what its repercussions were both in the nineteenth century and up to the present day.

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14 Jul

Sl. No.




Andrew Mangham (ed.) The Cambridge companion to sensation fiction


Asim K. Das Environmental chemistry with green chemistry


Bertrand Russell Principles of mathematics


David A. Bell Electronic devices and circuits


E.T. Stringer Foundations of climatology : an introduction to physical, dynamic, synoptic and geographical climatology


Erwin Kreyszig Advanced engineering mathematics


Gerard Carruthers and Liam McIlvanney (ed.s) The Cambridge companion to Scottish literature


Harold Carter The study of urban geography


Herbert Goldstein ; Charles P. Poole and John L. Safko Classical mechanics


Ivan Niven ; Herbert S. Zuckerman and Hugh L. Montgomery An Introduction to the theory of numbers


Michael Sullivan and Michael Sullivan, III Algebra and trigonometry : enhanced with graphing utilities


Nizamuddin Khan and Md. Minhajul Hoda A text book on general geography of Asia


R.T. Morrison and R.N. Boyd Study guide to organic chemistry


Robert M. Silverstein and Francis X. Webster Spectrometric identification of organic compounds


S.O. Pillai Solid state physics


V.R. Gowariker ; N.V. Viswanathan and Jayadev Sreedhar Polymer science