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New Book added to the Library

19 Dec

A User’s Guide to Thought and Meaning


Ray Jackendoff

Publisher : Oxford University Press

ISBN : 9780199693207

Acc. No: 73252     Call No: 401.9 J12

User guideBook Description: A User’s Guide to Thought and Meaning presents a profound and arresting integration of the faculties of the mind – of how we think, speak, and see the world. Ray Jackendoff starts out by looking at languages and what the meanings of words and sentences actually do. He shows that meanings are more adaptive and complicated than they’re commonly given credit for, and he is led to some basic questions: How do we perceive and act in the world? How do we talk about it? And how can the collection of neurons in the brain give rise to conscious experience? As it turns out, the organization of language, thought, and perception does not look much like the way we experience things, and only a small part of what the brain does is conscious. Jackendoff concludes that thought and meaning must be almost completely unconscious. What we experience as rational conscious thought – which we prize as setting us apart from the animals – in fact rides on a foundation of unconscious intuition. Rationality amounts to intuition enhanced by language. Written with an informality that belies both the originality of its insights and the radical nature of its conclusions, A User’s Guide to Thought and Meaning is the author’s most important book since the groundbreaking Foundations of Language in 2002.

New Book added to the Library

18 Dec

Environmental Chemistry

7th Edition


Anil Kumar De

Publisher: New Age International Publishers Ltd.

 ISBN: 9788122426175

Acc No: 73535     Call No: 577.14 De278

Environ ChemBook Description:  This book has been thoroughly revised and updated in its present Seventh Edition. Striking a neat balance between environmental chemistry and environmental chemical analysis, the book explains the various dimensions of environmental chemistry including latest concepts and developments in the subject with global and user-friendly approach.
Notable additions/features in the new edition are:

  • New Chapter 5 on Environmental Biochemistry.
  • Separate Chapter 10 on Waste Treatment and Recycling after recasting from Chapters 4 and 9.
  • New sub-section (1.1) (Chapter 1) on The Dawn of the Universe and of Time, setting a new tone to the book.
  • Carbon cycle.
  • Latest natural disasters Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.
  • Latest about Antarctica and Gangotri glacier.

With all these inputs, this book will scale new heights of popularity in the academic community comprising B.Sc. and M.Sc. students of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as teachers in the respective subject. As before, scientists, engineers and researchers will find it a valuable reference source in their profession.

New Book added to the library

17 Dec

Textbook of Biophysical Chemistry

1st Edition


U.N. Dash

Publisher: Macmillan India Ltd.

 ISBN: 9781403929433

Acc No: 73520   Call No: 572.43 D229

Biophysical chemBook Description:  Textbook of Biophysical Chemistry is written primarily for M Sc students of all Indian universities, and is structured according to the syllabi recommended by the University Grants Commission. In this book, perhaps for the first time, both the subjects of biochemistry and macro- molecules have been dealt with comprehensively. It focuses on determination and analysis of macromolecular structures and the applications of quantitative methods to analyse biological systems. The book basically deals with interactions that are physicochemical in nature and analyses how these forces are utilized  in analytical techniques. The first four chapters cover the topics under biochemistry while the remaining five chapters describe the physical and chemical properties of macromolecules and their analyses. The unique feature of the book is the inclusion of basic topics on biological cell organelles and macro molecules in living systems, which facilitates in-depth understanding of basic structure of the living system and complex interactions therein. The book provides a lucid narration of complex hydrodynamic, spectroscopic and diffraction techniques. The entire subject matter has been presented in a systematic and student-friendly manner; each chapter is supplemented with summary, exercises and solved problems. Though the book is primarily targeted at M.Sc. (chemistry) students, it would also benefit students pursuing masters’ degree in biomedical and other allied sciences.

New Book added to the Library

16 Dec

Physical Chemistry

3rd Edition


Gilbert W.Castellan

Publisher: Narosa Publishing House

ISBN: 9788185015590

Acc No: 73226   Call No: 541 C348

Physical chemistryBook Description:  Physical chemistry is the quantitative study of the physical properties of matter, including their transformations. The properties of macroscopic matter at equilibrium (such as the relationships among temperature, pressure, and volume in gases; heat capacity of solids; solubility of saturated solutions; melting and boiling temperatures; and behavior of electrolyte solutions, to name a few) are historically among the earlier interests of physical chemistry. All of the examples mentioned just above belong to the subject of thermodynamics, a remarkable science which unified a wide variety of empirical laws under the broader concepts of energy and entropy.

New Book added to the Library

15 Dec

Mathematical Methods for Physicists


George B. Arfken and Hans J. Weber

Publisher: Elsevier Science

ISBN: 9789381269282

Acc No: 73513   Call No: 511.802453 A685

Mathematical Methods PhyBook Description:  Survey of mathematical topics common in physics for the upper level undergraduate or graduate student. Suitable for either math or physics  students. Wide range of  important topics.

New Book added to the Library

10 Dec

Basic Electronics

 Solid State


Theraja B L

Publisher: S.Chand & Company Ltd

ISBN: 9788121925556

Acc No: 73368    Call No: 537.5 T398:2

basic-electronicsBook Description:Basic Electronics: Solid State is a comprehensive book for undergraduate electronics and electrical engineering students. The book discusses concepts such as Circuit Fundamentals, Kirchoff’s Laws, Network Theorems, Passive Circuit Elements, Energy Source, and other related topics. The book is designed in accordance with the syllabi set by prominent universities around India, giving students a complete coverage of the topics therein. It uses lucid and concise descriptions to help the students understand the subject matter, and learn how to use diodes, power supplies and transistors. The book is an essential resource for anyone aspiring to learn how to use electronic components and teaches readers much about the logic behind solid state circuit design.

New Books added to the Library

9 Dec
Sl. No Author Title
01 Arfken, George B. and Weber, Hans J. Mathematical methods for physicists
02 Castellan, Gilbert W. Physical Chemistry
03 Dash, U.N. Text book of Biophysical Chemistry
04 De, A.K. Environmental Chemistry
05 Harries, Sharon M. and Hughes, Linda K. A Feminist Reader: Feminist thought from Sappho to Satrapi  Vol. III
06 Harries, Sharon M. and Hughes, Linda K. A Feminist Reader: Feminist thought from Sappho to Satrapi  Vol. IV
07 Jackendoff, Ray A user’s guide to thought and meaning
08 Karlekar, Malavika Visual Histories
09 Leach, Donald P.  Malvino, Albert Paul. and  Saha, Goutham Digital Principles and applications
10 Luthar, I.S. and Passi, I.B.S Algebra: Field theory
11 Narasimha Rao, K.V.V.L. Explorations in Educational Evaluation
12 Pauling, Linus and Wilson, E. Bright Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: with applications to chemistry
13 Ram Babu, A. and Dandapani, S. Microteaching
14 Roddy, Dennis and Coolen, John Electronic Communications
15 Sarin, R.N. Numerical Problems in Chemistry
16 Sze, S.M. Semiconductor Devices