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27 Nov

New Essays on Umberto Eco

1st edition


Peter Bondanella

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-0521852098

Acc No: 73285   Call No: 853.914 B711

Umberto EcoBook Description: This collection provides thought-provoking insights into Eco’s contributions to a wide range of academic disciplines (semiotics, popular culture, linguistics, aesthetics, philosophy, medieval studies) as well as his literary production of five important novels, some of which have become best-sellers all over the world.
There is a wealth of critical commentary on Umberto Eco in scholarly books and articles; this collection provides thought-provoking insights into topics that have attracted a great deal of attention in the past without repeating many of the arguments found in earlier publications on Eco. Representing the most active scholars writing on Eco from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, the international panel of authors provides sophisticated engagement with Eco’s contributions to a wide range of academic disciplines (semiotics, popular culture, linguistics, aesthetics, philosophy, medieval studies) as well as his literary production of five important novels. From the impact of the detective genre on Eco’s literary work to his place as a major medievalist, New Essays on Umberto Eco covers a variety of subjects of interest not only to a wide audience interested in Eco’s fiction, but also to the serious student delving into Eco’s more esoteric writings.

New Book added to the Library

26 Nov

Mathematical Analysis

2nd Ed


Tom M. Apostol

Publisher: Narosa Book Distributors

ISBN: 978-8185015668

Acc No: 73568     Call No: 515 Ap645

Mathesl AnalyBook Description: Mathematical Analysis provides a transition from elementary calculus to advanced courses in real nad complex function theory and introduces readers to some of the abstract thinking that pervades modern analysis. The comprehensive text may also be used in analysis courses and as a supplementary text in courses in integration theory and complex analysis. Table of Contents: The Real and Complex Number Systems / Some Basic Notions of Set Theory / Elements of Point Set Topology / Limits and Continuity / Derivatives / Functions of Bounded Variation and Reftifiable Curves / The Riemann-Stieltjes Integral / Infinite Series and Infinite Products / Sequences of Functions / The Lebesgue Integral / Fourier Series and Fourier Integrals / Multivariable Differential Calculus / Implicit Functions and Extremum Problems / Multiple Riemann Integrals / Multiple Lebesgue Integrals / Cauchy’s Theorem and the Residue Calculus / Suggested Exercises / Index of Special Symbols / Index. Audience: Postgraduate students.

New Book added to the Library

24 Nov

Mathematics For Multimedia


Mladen Victor Wickerhauser

Publisher: Academic Press Inc

ISBN: 9780127484518

Acc No: 73540    Call No: 510.240067 W636

maths multiBook Description:  Mathematics and Multimedia focuses on the mathematics behind multimedia applications. This timely and thoroughly modern text is a rigorous survey of selected results from algebra and analysis, requiring only undergraduate math skills.The topics are `gems’ chosen for their usefulness in understanding and creating application software for multimedia signal processing and communication. The book is aimed at a wide audience, including computer science and mathematics majors and those interested in employing mathematics in multimedia design and implementation.

New Book added to the Library

21 Nov

Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory

4th Edition


John R. Reitz, Frederick J.Milford, and Robert W.Christy

Publisher: Pearson India

ISBN: 9788131733424

Acc No: 73095    Call No: 530.141 R379

foundations-of-electromagnetic-theoryBook Description: Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory is a comprehensive book for undergraduates and students of electrostatics and electromagnetism. The book is intended for a basic course on electricity and magnetism, laid over a single semester. It discusses topics such as Vector Analysis, Electrostatics, Electrostatic Fields in Dielectric Media, and others. The book gives readers clear and concise explanations about the concepts, helping them learn how to apply them in problems. The problems in the book have comprehensive solutions discussing the theory behind the process. The book is an indispensable resource for all students preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology for admission into an undergraduate program in Engineering.

New Book added to the Library

20 Nov


5th Edition


Michael J. Pelczar

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-07-462320-6

Acc No: 73199     Call No: 576 P381:4

MicroBioBook Description: This text by the well-known authors of “Microbiology: Concepts and Applications” emphasizes the importance of integrating new knowledge gained through basic research with applied research and development programs. One of the main features of this text is a presentation of the classification of bacteria in a totally new format. Material on metabolism, bacterial genetics, and genetic engineering and reorganized the section on microorganisms and disease.

New Book added to the Library

19 Nov

Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems

2nd ed


C.P. Lo and Albert K.W. Yeung

Publisher: Prentice-Hall

ISBN: 978-8120339149

Acc No: 73041    Call No: 910.285 L795

Geo Inform SysBook Description: This book provides a rigorous and balanced treatment of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts and techniques in a single volume. It is suitable for Geographic Information Systems courses held in departments of Geography or Anthropology. Fully updated to reflect advances in GIS concepts and techniques, this text approaches the subject from the broader context of information technology. Complete, up-to-date coverage is given to the concepts and techniques pertaining to every stage of the systems development life cycle of GIS, as well as its applications to various areas of spatial problem solving and decision making. The text : Emphasizes GIS and mainstream IT integration; explores new spatial analysis techniques/landscape metrics; expands discussion of geovisualization; examines new terrain data acquisition by LiDAR and covers emerging technology in mobile computing and location-based services. Covers topics that are often not adequately covered in other GIS texts – Includes the principles and practice of information resource management, information system development methodology.

New Book added to the Library

18 Nov

Mcknight’s Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation

10th ed


Hess Darrel

Publisher: Prentice-Hall

ISBN: 978-8120344129

Acc No: 73035      Call No: 910.02 H586:2

Physical GeoBook Description: Carrying forth Tom McKnight’s thematic focus on landscape appreciation, Physical Geography fosters a solid understanding of Earth and its physical features and processes. Featuring the clear, approachable writing style of Darrel Hess and a superior art program by renowned geoscience artist Dennis Tasa, the tenth edition incorporates the latest on climate change science, renewable energy resources, and the geographer’s technology toolbox. Useful for undergraduate students of Geography and Geology.
About The Author: DARREL HESS , City College of San Francisco. Table of Contents Preface 1: Introduction to Earth 2: Portraying Earth 3: Introduction to the Atmosphere 4: Insolation and Temperature 5: Atmospheric Pressure and Wind 6: Atmospheric Moisture 7: Atmospheric Disturbances 8: Climate and Climate Change 9: The Hydrosphere 10: Cycles and Patterns in the Biosphere 11: Terrestrial Flora and Fauna 12: Soils 13: Introduction to Landform Study 14: The Internal Processes 15: Preliminaries to Erosion: Weathering and Mass Wasting 16: Fluvial Processes 17: Karst and Hydrothermal Processes 18: The Topography of Arid Lands 19: Glacial Modification of Terrain 20: Coastal Processes and Terrain .